Writing Killer Copy Fast Should Be FUN!

Writing's serious business, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun...

For decades, I focused on growing my career as a writer (my very first stint was writing comedy for a college radio show with my friend Tim Allen). 

After graduation, I bounced around at different jobs across the country – Michigan, Texas, Boston – having a great run writing for high-tech companies. 

But on my 50th birthday, I marched into my boss’s office at Microsoft and told him “I’m quitting to become a magician.” 

Even though my job as game writer for Flight Simulator, Age of Empires, and multiple XBox titles had been a blast, I still wanted to go for my dream of making a living as a professional magician and entrepreneur. 

It was quite the ride – with plenty of ups and downs along the way. I’m an excellent kidshow performer, but the magic of a successful business only became real after I discovered the power of direct response copywriting in the mold of Dan Kennedy, John Caples, and other copy greats. I extended my business to help other magicians successfully sell their services… through webinars, live events, and products. 

Eventually, my success as a marketer and copywriter led me to join Dan Kennedy’s company – GKIC – where from 2012 to 2015 I led the copy team as Head Copywriter... becoming known as the voice of Dan Kennedy. 

Today I provide marketing / writing services and counsel to a variety of clients in many different industries.

My key superpower – I write FAST. Extremely FAST.  I was the fastest writer at Microsoft and I daresay I’m likely the World’s FASTEST Copywriter today.

Helping YOU write faster is why I created this site - because getting your copy written faster means you can get it DONE and out the door where it can help your customers and make you some money.

Write Faster. Write Better. Right Now.

Jack Turk
"World's Fastest Copywriter"