I’m running down the 10 Keys to Faster Copy and today’s is one you may not realize is a “sneaky trick” from the top professionals…

Key #2 – Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel – Recycle Like Crazy

I used to think every letter, every email, every promotion had to be totally written from scratch.

Not so.

One of your most valuable swipe files is the stuff you’ve already written.

Now I’m not saying you should re-use word-for-word copy that you’ve written on one promotion for another and NEVER come up with anything new.

But you don’t have to feel like every single sentence, paragraph, and headline has to be 100% original.

Heck, in Magnetic Marketing, one of Dan Kennedy’s most effective campaign strategies is to literally re-use the exact same letter as step #2 in the sequence. He recommended slapping a “Second Notice” at the top and then sending the letter again.

It’s a great strategy because it works.

And you can do the same thing with emails – send the same email and preface it with a note along the lines: “I sent you an email the other day about a very special offer. In case you missed it, here’s that email again.”

It works.

Don’t get hung up on the idea that you’re repeating yourself and boring the prospect. There’s a pretty good chance they did indeed miss that first notice, so recycling it a second time is just smart use of your time.

This principle applies to elements of letters used before, including bullet points, offers, testimonials, and so on.

You really can recycle-reuse copy to a much greater degree than you may have realized.

Your goal is FAST. Get your message out. Get your offers out. Get noticed.

It’s all good.

Write faster. Write better. Right now.

– Jack Turk

“World’s FASTEST Copywriter”

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