Halloween day, 2021.

I had a goal.

I was going to fire up one of my electric guitars, hit the record button on Zoom, and create a video of me playing the theme song from “The Munsters” TV show.

Then, I’d upload that video to show off to my friends on Facebook.

That was the goal.

I’ve been working on this song for about two years.  It’s not really that hard a song. I’m likely a middle-of-the-road guitarist when it comes to skill.

I’m can play a little, but as an old friend of mine once said,

“I can play. But I can’t PLAY.”

The Munster’s theme seemed a reasonable challenge.  Only about 50 seconds long.  A few decent licks.  Fun tune.

So Saturday, October 30th, I set aside some time that morning to lay down a track. 

Didn’t happen.

If you play guitar (or any other instrument) I’m sure you understand.  Hitting each note with precision – crisply, accurately – is hard.

ESPECIALLY when there’s a little red flashing RECORD button going on before you.

Sure, I made it through the song lotsa times.

Just never did so in a way that I felt was worth sharing with the world.

So I set that aside and went about my business.

SUNDAY …. October 31st…. D-DAY….

Back to the axe I went.

Powered up the microphone, camera, recording software. 

Let ‘r rip.

And…. most importantly… I set a HARD Deadline.  

“I will be done at 1PM. Period.”

Well… at 12:58 I STILL didn’t have a take I wanted to share.  

But then it hit me…

“Good enough. Is.  Good enough.”

Recall how I always talk about shutting up that little, annoying voice in your head that blathers on when you’re writing?  

“That’s not very good.”
“That headline sucks.”
“Couldn’t you think up a better word? Loser!”


I hate that guy.

So why was I listening to him kibbitz not only about my writing, but my guitar chops as well?

What the hell does he know?  I mean, who cares if I’m not Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn.  

I’m me. And this is my riff on the Munsters theme.

So I hit record, played the song, and tossed it out there on Facebook.

Good enough was good enough.  

Next year… almost certainly… it’ll be better.

Lesson learned and embraced:  Don’t listen to that guy in your head.  He don’t know nothing.

Write Faster. Write Better. Right Now.

– Jack Turk
“World’s Fastest Copywriter”