Here’s a sneaky Jedi Mind Trick to help you write faster, better copy.


Okay… close your eyes.

Let your mind wander to galaxies long ago, far far away.

Picture a dusty planet… barren… rugged… teeming with rough, tough denizens from a thousand worlds, gathered in one place, one time, one saloon…

In walks in a tall man, clad in shiny metal, gleaming and laser-ready.

He suffers no fools.

He makes no excuses.

He does his job and is well compensated for doing so.

At his side, just below knee level:



Here’s that Mind Trick I mentioned.

In coming up with an interesting message to get you to open and read this post, all I had to do was mention a fictional character who’s essentially owned the internet, social media memes, and countless water-cooler conversations.


You can easily invade your prospect’s mind if you just enter it through the backdoor of what they’re thinking about right then and there.

BABY YODA is just one tiny, yet powerful example of that principle put into words that I’m-a-wagering sucked you in.


And on my end of the equation, having that cute little bugger as the hook for this post made writing it easier than leaping into light-speed.

Riding the wave of the daily Gestalt makes writing copy faster a cinch.

Give it a try.

Write Faster. Write Better. Write Now.