One of the weirdest, most jarring effects of the current reality is that Disneyland and DisneyWorld is shut down.

It’s sad for a lot of reasons, one of which is personally I adore the place. Lots of wonderful family memories over the years. Had hoped to go in May this year, looks like that’s down the tubes – maybe this Fall will work out better.

Fingers crossed.

I suppose that makes me a bit of a Disney freak. I’ll fess up, I subscribe to Disney+, I’m a member of the D23 fan club, and I even have Mouse on my bank account debit card.

There’s no question that over the years they’ve been insanely successful as a business.

HOW they manage that should interest any entrepreneur – so of course, I’ve read multiple books on the subject, biographies, and more.

Which leads to my crazy dream…

Walt’s onstage, giving a presentation to the company about success moving forward.

He’s laughing. Engaged. Passionate about the company he founded and loves.

And standing on stage he picks up a kid’s toy – a rubber ball. Brightly colored. About the size of a softball.

“Here’s what it takes to succeed,” he says, stepping with the ball behind a hoop hanging in mid air.

He tosses the ball through the hoop.


He grabs another ball and tosses it through.


One more ball tossed through.


The dream shifted to a series of different theme park rides and parades – quick flashes, narrated by Walt.

“We tried this. We tried that. Some worked. Some didn’t. But we learned. And we kept doing and kept learning.”

The secret to success.


Yeah – it was only a dream. Walt’s been gone for decades. And I can’t recall he ever said anything like this.

But there’s a truth there –

Success as a business… as a copywriter… isn’t sustained by unfettered creativity…

Success is built on the back of proven, tried and true, FORMULAS.


A formula. Simple. Easy to remember and easy to discard.

“Formulas. Formulas. Formulas.”

Find ones that work and put them to use over and again.

Make Walt proud.

Write Faster. Write Better. Right Now.

– Jack Turk
“World’s Fastest Copywriter”