The inspiration for this comes from the total flameout of infrastructure I once had to face.

The electricity in about half of my home went totally out - including my home office, which made working from home really fun.

And even more fun... 

The power going out shut off my septic system pump, which meant my back yard was beginning to gurgle in unseemly ways.

Even after fixing the electric, the breakers for the pump kept going out – which meant the septic pump needed replacing.


So I called someone and got a new pump. It cost me a lot more than I had hoped, but it was a necessary evil that had to be overcome.

And thus the marketing lesson I discovered:

I needed a NEW Septic Pump.

There wasn't any dithering or ifs/ands/buts.

I needed a NEW Septic Pump.

Had to have one. No questions asked. And I was going to get one. 

And THAT is the kind of problem you want your offer to solve. That is how you know you have a KILLER offer.

Because you are providing something that is THAT important in the mind of the prospect.

Something that hits 'em right 'tween the eyes with "I GOTTA HAVE THAT!" 

So when you craft your next offer, picture a backyard going sour because the septic system has failed... and YOU have the solution.... 

Thus - ask yourself...

Is YOUR solution that POWERFUL?

Someone out there's got a broken septic pump (metaphorically speaking) that YOU can fix. 

They NEED it fixed NOW. 

You have the skills and the wherewithal to make things right. 

Craft that offer and make someone's life better. 

Write Faster. Write Better. Right Now.

-Jack Turk
"World's Fastest Copywriter"