I suffer from “middle child” syndrome.

My brother Jim is 8 1/2 years older and a whole lot bigger.

My sister Jeri is 2 years younger and while shorter than her brothers, she’s definitely no shrinking violet.

I’m kind of medium-ish, inherently quiet, and prone to lurk in the background to stay away out of the fray… and the very last thing I ever wanted to do growing up was rattle either sibling’s cage.

It never ended well.

I just want to make everyone happy.

I have found, particularly on trips to vacation spots like DisneyWorld, this inclination rears its ugly head as I try to coordinate conflicting family member agendas as to which ride to hop on, which restaurant to visit, on and on.

It never ended well.

This also reveals a wise lesson for us as we write copy.

The little voice in our heads quite often recommends we pull punches in an effort to avoid offense.

Here’s the sad truth – you WILL offend. This should be especially clear in today’s highly charged social media atmosphere, where outrage rings supreme.

Thus, it makes no sense to juggle delicate sensibilities when writing.

Write with PASSION and from your HEART.

You have an incredible product or service to sell. It will change lives, if only they accept your offer.

One of my favorite concepts to always include in a salesletter is, “This may not be for you.” Then you list why your deal may NOT be right for them.

It could be because it’s just too expensive.

It could be because they are unlikely to take action and they would rather stick with the status quo.

It could be because they simply don’t like the cut of your jib and you just won’t get along.

Great – give ’em the boot!

It will free you to write with power… and faster too.

– Jack Turk
“World’s FASTEST Copywriter”

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