This is about creating ads that get read.

It applies to postcards, letters, display ads, but I'm going to cover how this works for Pay Per Click ads and the headlines you put on your website.

When you're building out your list of key words for your website and your Google Ads, the goal is to nail down as close as possible exactly what your prospect will type into Google before hitting ENTER.

In order to do this, it requires that you understand your prospect in detail.

Not just at a superficial level, you really need to get inside their heads and feel what's going on deep within as those gears grind away.

The closer you can come to hitting that person mid-thought, the better luck you'll have in getting the lead.

It's that "mid-thought" thing that gets you serious traction.

Here's a quick story that points out exactly how important that is.

One client I had does what's called "permanent cosmetics" - which is basically cosmetic tattoos, such as eyeliner, lips, etc.

Of course, the key words she wanted were "permanent cosmetics" - which does get a lot of searches.

And when I asked her to tell me what prospects typically wanted, she told me that she did a lot of business from folks who basically needed a badly done job repaired.

"Perfect," I said, "that's just what I needed to know."

So we did a split test in her Adwords account.

One ad was the one she wanted, which was basically along the lines of

Permanent Cosmetics
Need help? Best in town.

As a test, I gave her this one to put up against it:

Permanent Cosmetics
I'll fix the screw ups you got from
the bargain technician.

Guess which worked best?

You got it.

Number two blew the doors off the other, more standard ad.

And she started getting biz now left and right from her Google Adwords account.

Of course, she was thrilled.

The reason that ad works is that it hits the prospect right where it hurts.

They read it and weep.

And then they click to learn how to make that pain go away.

That's your job when writing your ads.

Know the pain and promise to make it go away.

You can do this.

All it takes is a little work and a little empathy for that person you care deeply about:

Your customer

Write Faster. Write Better. Right Now.

- Jack Turk
"World's Fastest Copywriter"