I recently participated in Jeff Walker’s “Launch Club Live” event –

Of course, in these upside-down times, it wasn’t really “live”… it was real-time, but virtual over Zoom.

Still, it was once again a pretty impressive tour-de-force by the Walker team.  Frankly, they stretched the technology impressively – the two days were jam-packed with videos, workshops, masterminds, even a few rounds of trivia which I’m happy to report I wound up one of the lucky winners!

(I believe the prize is a much desired Official “Tiger King Coffee Mug.”  Can’t wait. Maybe it’ll entice me to actually catch an episode.)

Lots of takeaways, both in terms of content presented AND relative to the underlying strategy employed throughout.

As Dan Kennedy would say, there were many “writer-downers” and in my opinion, the best related to how the event was structured and delivered.

The entire event  – like every other Walker event I’ve attended – was a marketing masterpiece from beginning to end. 

Which reminded me of a simple, 3-word question Jeff said he asks whenever either he or someone else proposes an idea or notion for business:

“To what end?”

It’s SUCH a great question as it requires you to think beyond the initial payoff the notion may provide and actually understand the reason WHY you’re doing it. Thinking strategically is always challenging and this question forces you to do so.

I love great questions and “to what end?” WAS my favorite all time contribution from Mr. W….

This weekend, however, produced a pretty notable competitor.

It’s a question to be asked every time you kick off a launch or campaign or for that matter pretty much any project.

“How can I make it easy?”

We adore complicated solutions, Rube Goldberg gimcracks and flowcharts and so on.

And I absolutely stand in the camp of those who believe that great marketing campaigns can and should involve significant testing, A-B analysis, branching outcomes, all that and more.

But – “how can I make it easy?” – is a question that absolutely HAS to be asked.

  • What can be cut?
  • How can we simplify?
  • Can we add more helpers to the task?
  • Is there a way to accelerate the writing process with templates and scripts? 
  • What can be reused, recycled, refurbished?

There’s always something you can do to make your copywriting project at least a teensy bit easier… and in doing so, raise the odds that you’ll actually get it DONE and out the door.

Make sure to ask this question. It’s a keeper.

Write Faster. Write Better. Right Now.

-Jack Turk

“World’s Fastest Copywriter”