Sometimes I can't help myself.

Today I spotted an article on MSN news that made me crazy.

It was about "The Gig Economy" and how it sucks compared to having a real job.

The author complained about the fierce competition on gig boards, where dozens if not hundreds of writers were all going after the same crappy $200 jobs.

Now, all that was fine.

But what set me off was his byline, where he said he was a "Marketing Consultant."


I mean, who the hell would hire this guy as a marketing consultant when he failed to understand how to market HIMSELF?

(Now, I'll admit, I'm somewhat less-than-optimal in my own website, etc. presence. That's on that list for 2022, guaranteed.)

So I HAD to rant, um, er, comment - thusly:


As a "Marketing Consultant" I would presume the author of this piece recognizes that MARKETING is his responsibility, not something he can pawn off on the gig boards. 

Way back when, I did magic shows on the side using agents. It wasn't until I learned how to market my services as a magician that I was able to escape that trap and actually have a real business. 

The best advice I could give this author (which he's gotten a start on by having his name in print, which is great!) comes from Dan Kennedy, which was "Be Somebody. Be Somewhere. Do Something."   

1.  Attend conferences, even virtually, so you meet people who could hire you. (Every dime I now make is all because I showed up somewhere.)

2.  Write a book and put it up on Amazon to establish you as an authority.  Let everyone know you did this on social media and more.

3.  Contact everyone you know that could use your services. Ask friends, family, and business contacts for references and leads.  Hustle hustle hustle.  

The gig economy works, but you HAVE to rise above the vast number of folks who simply think the business should show up at their door. Every day do something to drum up business.  Never let a day go by that you don't. 


Decent advice methinks, which is why I'm sharing it today.

(By the way, this entire email took me 10 minutes max - you can write really fast with that ol' "fire in the belly" providing the fuel...)

Write Faster. Write Better. Right Now.

-Jack Turk
"World's Fastest Copywriter"