Here’s another piece you have to have down pat before composing KILLER copy:

A KILLER [Offer]

Just sending out a postcard with the word “SALE” emblazoned across the top doesn’t really cut it anymore. (Frankly, I’m skeptical that it ever did.) Instead, you need to create sophisticated OFFERs than involve multiple, compelling components.

There’s a real art to crafting a compelling offer. It involves at least the following:

  1. Truly knowing your CUSTOMER along with their emotional needs, their fears, their hopes, their pain…(we discussed this earlier).
  2. Identifying the core TRANSFORMATION of their lives that your one-of-a-kind offer is going to accomplish.
  3. Pulling together a blend of product/service/features/bonuses/etc. that hits the sweet spot on EXACTLY what your customer longs for.
  4. Pricing that hits all the right notes at the right time – in terms of unimaginable VALUE, flexible terms, and a bottom line number that literally seems too good to be true.
  5. Removing any and all risk from the transaction with a GUARANTEE that makes this deal an absolute no-brainer.

You need at least those FIVE elements working in tandem in order to create that KILLER OFFER.

PLUS – extra credit if you can wrap the package with a KILLER name that just screams “BUY NOW!”

If you don’t have this kind of KILLER OFFER in place before starting to write copy, you’re facing an uphill battle to craft a sales pitch worthy of serious consideration.


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