So, this year didn't kick off exactly as planned....

My goal was that I'd ramp up my regular communications re: the joys and importance of writing more, faster, with the advent of this new circuit of the sun.   

But as they say, the best laid plans astray off they go.

I came down with Covid.

Won't go into all the details, primarily for me it was a really crappy couple of nights, followed by a lingering cough that still sucks.

But I'm a WHOLE lot better.  

Hence, I decided to write y'all today - as in my return to business as unusual I've been brushing up on a number of favorite books & courses on "The Craft."

Not magic.

Not even copywriting or sales.


Because I think there's no more critical aspect to writing powerful copy than the ability to weave a tale that connects to the reader's heart.

Remember, when you're writing a sales letter, postcard, webinar, what-have-you, you're not SELLING anything.

Nobody wants to be sold. 

Instead, you're laying out how you discovered the solution to the pain they're feeling right now - how it can help turn their life around - how it can make the day bright once again, brimming with hope, joy, and opportunity.

It's said a healthy man has a million dreams, but a sick man has but one.

THAT is what you're providing to that man. 

And the best way to make them care about what it is you have available to them is to share it via story.

So, to kick of this year's insights on that very special, here's a Ted Talk given by Andrew Stanton of Pixar on the art of story

Enjoy - 

Write Faster. Write Better. Right Now.

- Jack Turk

"World's Fastest Copywriter"