I hope this message finds you happy, hopeful, and well.

And even though the third possibility isn’t always under our control, I firmly believe anyone in our modern age can find plenty of reasons to be both happy and hopeful.

Personally, I’m doing just fine – in fact, awesomely so as my business seems to be accelerating with new opportunities coming every which way. But even if that wasn’t so, I would still be happy and hopeful as that’s a mindset I work hard to maintain, regardless of circumstance.

One reason is that I constantly strive to improve the skills that pay off as well as add new ones to my “skill stack” – providing me with more ways to jump on opportunities that appear.

Writing copy FAST of course remains a key focus – and in this time of crazy weirdness, I’m going to relate one that for sure will get you started on some kind of promotion lickety-split. It boils down to what may seem the most obvious copywriting tip ever. It’s credited to copy legend Robert Collier and it boils down to this:

“Enter the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind.”

Today, the elephant-in-room-du-jour is the coronavirus and all its potential ramifications.

So my friend, if you’re feeling even a wee bit stuck on what to write, kick off that next letter or email or whatever with something like:

“Here’s what Coronavirus means to you…”

And expound on what it does mean and how you can help bring happiness and hope even given that reality.

It’s a sure-fire kickstarter to whatever you need to write next.

Write Faster. Write Better. Write Now.