Years ago I had a SWEET 1965 Ford Fairlane.  

It was my Senior Graduation present from Dad, who paid a whopping $500 for this beauty.

With only 20,000 miles, it took me on many an adventure, until it finally crapped out and had to be hauled away.

THAT was one of the saddest days of my life, because I truly loved that car.

What is it about the love we have for our vehicles?  It's almost crazy. 

Right now, I have a 2001 F-150 Ford Pickup that I wouldn't part with for anything. At over 240,000 miles, it's still going strong. 

(I'll admit, I HAVE replaced just about everything involved in keeping it running, including the engine - now THAT was a gnarly decision.)

Back in 2001, when I was at the dealership pondering which new truck to buy, my daughter Rose convinced me to abandon ship on a trimmer model and go for my current ride.  

"Look, you have to haul dirt and boxes and all kinds of stuff. You need something with some room and muscle. You won't regret it."

How right she was.

I had been thinking purely about dollars, when instead she helped sell me on how THIS truck would benefit MY life best.

Her advice resonates t a great piece of advice from marketing legend John Caples on creating that oh-so-critical element of every sales letter – the headline:

“First and foremost, try to get self-interest into every headline you write. Make your headline suggest to the reader that here is something he wants.”

For example, if you're browsing for a new ride, you’ll all too often see headlines like this:

Jack Jones Chevrolet – In Business Since 1948!

Where’s the self-interest? Totally lacking. 

Instead, for that same car dealership, how about this:

The One Dealership in Northwest Washington
Dedicated to Making Owning Your Next Car
Fast, Simple, and Always Affordable – Since 1948!

Remember, your headline (as well as the rest of your ad copy) has to be more about THEM and not you.

So don't be afraid to DRIVE self-interest - put pedal to the metal.

Write Faster. Write Better. Right Now.

- Jack Turk
"World's Fastest Copywriter"